Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our Philippines #mentalhealthwarriors

These are just a few of the amazing people that work tirelessly to bring Virtual Psychologist’s service to the Philippines. We value their hard work and dedication in providing exceptional psychological services, proactive positive well being initiatives, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support services to the Philippines.

Our Psychologists

Mr Francis Llenado

B.Sci(Psych), MAOrgPsych

I am a licensed Psychologist with a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. My training and work experience comprise of various adult-oriented counseling, psychotherapy, training, and development for individuals and groups. I have been working as a researcher, analyst, and consultant for various local sectors; for both organizational-related and mental health-related program development. I am a part-time faculty member of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Psychology and Philosophy Departments. My passion for the rigor and nuance that goes into the pursuit of better understanding and development of people into their full potential encompasses my work and career as a mental health professional.

Ms Cheene Manalo

MPsy, MPac

I am a registered psychotherapist who has completed a Master’s degree in Psychology at Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines and a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling in Western Sydney University of Sydney, Australia. I have experience in counselling and psychosocial debriefing with children with special needs, various communities affected by natural disasters, clients with drug related issues and the military forces in the Philippines. I like working in mental health as I am passionate to help individuals find their purpose and improve their psychological well being. One of my goals for the Filipino community in the Philippines is to make counselling more accessible through text based services within a reasonable price.

Ms Sharlene Ho

BPsych, MClinPsych

I am a psychologist and I have always been fascinated with how people think and feel. To better understand this I studied my Bachelor of Psychology at Saint Louis University, and my Master’s in Clinical Psychology at De La Salle University. In my career I have been focused on non-government organization work commonly known as NGOs. I worked for a foundation that caters to abandoned, orphaned, neglected children and adolescents, and human trafficking survivors. I now work assisting individuals through employee assistance programs (EAP) to work through their feelings and emotions using technology-based methods.

Ms Hafsah H. Macaraya


I am a licensed psychologist currently taking my PhD in Psychology majoring in Clinical Psychology. My graduate internship exposed me to various psychological issues in the clinical and educational settings. As a college educator, I have dealt with students — from adolescents to young adults — with different mental health concerns. I am an active volunteer in the promotion of mental health awareness in the Philippines because I believe that having a license to practice psychological counselling and psychotherapy includes the responsibility of actively seeking out ways to eradicate mental health stigma in our community and to encourage Filipinos to get more involved in the improvement of their psychological well-being.

Ms Myra G. Gahid

RPm, RPsy

I am Myra, a Registered Psychologist who has completed her Master’s degree in Psychology at Saint Louis University. My experience in counselling includes collaborating with teenagers and young adults in handling concerns such as goal-setting, stress management, anxiety, and depression. Being a psychologist allows me to help people to feel and to be more empowered as I advocate removing socio-cultural stigma related to mental health concerns. Providing accessible and convenient mental health services, such as text-based counselling is a step forward in our movement towards a mentally healthy nation.

Our Global Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Dervla Loughnane

B.Soc Sci (Hons) Masters (Psychology) AAPI HRM

I am Virtual Psychologist’s founder and CEO. Prior to starting the company I was a senior psychologist for 20 years for the government and international organisations. I hold degrees in Industrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Sports & Exercise Psychology. I have a background in IT, having been a Lotus notes developer, and I am excited to bring the clinical and technical worlds together through this disruptive innovator that is Virtual Psychologist. Having been featured in Vogue magazine and winning various awards, I am a proud female entrepreneur partnering with some of the world’s biggest companies. I am thrilled to be bringing text-based counselling services to the Philippines and to continue to save and change lives around the world.

Chief Operations Officer

Mr Greg Vains

Diploma of Marketing and Sales

I am Virtual Psychologist’s COO and manage the global operations of our business. I attended the Institute of Management in Adelaide graduating in Merchandising and Marketing Operations, with a specialisation in Sales. I have over 20 years experience in sales and operations within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, and was the product marketing manager for a South Australian dairy company. I also won a global scholarship and travelled around America and Europe reviewing product innovation. That combined with spending time as a child in Papua New Guinea, I have exceptional skills in managing global operations. I am thrilled to be working with the Philippines and ensuring that Virtual Psychologist is running at peak operational efficiency whilst doing my part in facilitating the staff to save and change lives.

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Jamie Phillips

B.Sci(Psych), GradCertPH, MInfTech(HCI)

I am Virtual Psychologist’s CTO in charge if global IT, data, and innovation. I am educated in both the clinical and technical aspects of Virtual Psychologist. I hold a degree in Psychology, a post-graduate qualification in Public Health Epidemiology, and a Master of Information Technology in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with a minor in Enterprise Systems. I am also trained in Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Strengths Based Leadership. I specialise in mental health, public health, and service delivery technologies. Having been trained in Agile, Prince2, and Scrum, I proudly manage our global technical projects and have been known to get my hands dirty prototyping new innovations. I am honoured to be supporting Dervla and Greg and bringing proactive positive well being measures to the Philippines. I believe Virtual Psychologist is the future of psychology, especially in South East Asia, and brings innovative mental health support to those previously unable to access it. 

Global Director of Coaching and Clinical Practice

Mrs Marion Valster

BSci(Hons)(Psychology), MBA, MMAPi

I am Virtual Psychologist’s global director of coaching and clinical practice. Having grown up in Europe, and lived in the Netherlands, the UK, France, and Switzerland before moving to Australia, I see the importance of global citizenship. I started my career in ICT, then gradually changed over to coaching and psychology. This was a natural progression from working in leadership development and coaching during corporate change management programs, which I became involved in when completing my Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am a registered psychologist, and an accredited coach. I completed my coaching accreditation both at the Neuroleadership Institute™ and Cambridge University, and am currently completing a Master in Positive Psychology, with a strong interest in how coaching strengthens workplace engagement, affecting organisations’ bottom line in a positive direction. I believe Virtual Psychologist provides an essential service in an innovative manner, and am proud to be connected to the company.

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